A delightful November meeting.

Dr. Cheryl Kinney gave the members a lively and fascinating presentation entitled “‘Where Health is at Stake’: Illness, Invalids and Healers in Highbury”; this talk was based on her presentation at the 2016 AGM.  Dr. Kinney began the talk with a montage of Emma film adaptations and discussed portrayals of illness and sympathy in Emma. Dr. Kinney made a compelling case for Austen’s eponymous heroine, and the members responded afterward with a thorough discussion of the text and Austen’s characterization of Emma, Frank Churchill and Mr. Knightley. The members also enjoyed discussing the YouTube web series Emma Approved and branched out to brainstorm how to involve the younger generation in JASNA. We then moved on to listen to Ms. Nili Olay’s notes on the highlights of the 2016 AGMA, and Mr. Jerry Vetowich presented the members with an overview of the region’s new website (many thanks to the New York region for its support!).

Sara Dustin