London High Society in Jane Austen’s Novels

Austen Social Scene

On Saturday, March 3rd, our member Victoria Hinshaw and her guest and fellow presenter Susan Forgue delighted the group with their lecture on “London High Society in Jane Austen’s Novels.” The ladies have given this presentation at an AGM and several other events. The members enjoyed learning more about the social customs of Austen’s era, and both presenters gracefully responded to a variety of questions from the audience.


Much to discuss

Sue and Vicky also provided an interactive discussion session, where the members could vote on whether various Austen characters should be admitted to Almack’s. Our two presenters also gave out some beautiful mementos of their presentation: our very own Almack’s card!


Thank you to Ann Hartley and the Friendship Grace Brethren Church for providing us with such a lovely meeting venue. Thank you also to Anja Carlson for providing us with some delicious cookies to munch on!