Lady Elliot Entertains

On April 29th, our group enjoyed giving a performance reading of “Lady Elliot Entertains” or “What Do We Do With Elizabeth?” We were delighted to have two new members attend the meeting and grateful to Ms. Susan Schumann-Skehan for hosting the event at her home in Naples. 

Mr. Jerry Vetowich helped to organize the entire reading, and our members had a lively time testing out their theatrical skills. The members took turns reading different pages with their assigned characters, and the suspense built as we tried to figure out what would happen to Elizabeth. After the reading, we discussed different aspects of the play. Then, our lovely hostess, Susan, guided through a Pride & Prejudice trivia game. Members were surprised by and delighted with some of the questions, and we learned a lot about different details we had overlooked in the text (for instance, what is the last line of the novel?).

We concluded the meeting by setting up a plan for gathering over the summer (our next meeting is tentatively set for May 20th), and the Regional Coordinator, Sara Dustin, will be sending out a survey over the summer to find out what topics members would be interested in seeing. We also plan to reach out to different organizations in the Southwest Florida area to find speakers.